Want to know how you can help? Any of the below options are greatly appreciated! 


1) Passing along information about the High Star / Sun Eagle Sun Dance. Encourage friends and contact to visit our website with more questions. 

2) Donations of time, materials or prayer to support the physical structures for the dance (arbor, kitchen, bath house, roads, etc). To donate materials leave a detailed message on our "Contact" page or with info@highstarsuneagle.org outlining how you wish to support. 

3) We have a digital Store! All proceeds from sales go back to supporting the dance. 

4) Monetary donations are accepted by credit card, e-check, or bank transfer. If you have further questions about how to transfer or how donations are handled, please use the "Contact" page or email at info@highstarsuneagle.org By check or money order payable to: High Star/Sun Eagle International Foundation for Peace, Inc. PO Box 1782, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557