1) Absolutely no documentation once the dance begins. 

No cell phones, film, digital or video cameras, audio or video recorders of any kind around dance site once tree enters the sacred circle.  Permission is re-granted after the last dancer leaves the dance circle on the last day.

2) No alcohol, drugs or firearms of any kind at any time.

Let us know of medication brought to camp used for personal health regimens so we can help  rather than hinder or restrict your regimen.

3) No gang colors, signs or activities of any kind.

4) Present yourself in a respectful manor.

  Out of respect for our elders and some traditional ways we request that all who come to our dance and dance arbor: PLEASE dress respectfully for the  dance and the prayer time.

5) Be self-contained for your camp.

  Bring your own rakes, shovels, etc.  Please do not ask to borrow tools and equipment from the Fire Keeper and Kitchen areas.

6) No pets are to be brought to the sun dance, even the human ones:-)

7) Language and actions carry weight.

Your language and actions should always be appropriate to the sacred ceremony taking place in the dance circle. Please ( for their protection ) do not bring infants to the dance arbor, unless participating in a healing or prayer ritual within the circle.

8) There is a curfew in place once the dance starts. 

 will be presented at 1st day of purification meeting, discussed and decided upon, and strictly enforced during the dance.  The sun dance sweat lodge area is the place for inipi, prayer, and ceremony, so if a ceremony goes beyond curfew, you will be allowed to finish.  If campers are camped close to this site and complain about the activities, you will be encouraged to camp further away.

9) RVs will be allowed but must be parked in designated areas.

10) PARKING ( Ervin and Howard will make the final decisions on this ):

  • Visitors and campers will park in designated areas.

  • All excess vehicles not used for supply or sleeping shall also park in designated areas to avoid congestion in camping areas.

  • No “cruising” around the sun dance grounds.
  • Drive slow to reduce dust and unnecessariy degradation of the road. 

Volunteer security will be provided to remind all of these rules for the protection of all concerned