Our Tiospaye is moving to a Facebook group!

We will also post this information on the yahoo group to give people time to migrate.

To encourage communication and accessibility to community we have migrated the Yahoo group Tiospaye to a private Facebook group. Like signing up for a Yahoo group, you will need to have a Facebook account. To join the Facebook group follow the below step by step directions after clicking on the highlighted link to take you to the group home page: 

  1. Follow THIS LINK or the button located at the bottom of each page to HSSE Facebook group.

  2. In order to see the group page you must log into facebook or create an account.

  3. Once you log in you will be redirected to the groups main page (pictured below). Click on the “Join Group” button located on the facebook page.

  4. Your request will need to be approved by the moderators. please allow up to 48 hours for approval

  5. Once you are approved then you are in the group! You can add to preexisting conversations or create your own posts for discussion.

    As the group description states: “The purpose of High Star Sun Eagle Group is to provide an interactive medium through which the HSSE family can communicate during the year. This group was created at the request of members who wish to post local lodge times, pose questions, and who wish to have a forum in which they can post messages of peace. The group is moderated for arguments and topics unrelated to the HSSE vision of Peace. Please be respectful and kind to each other when posting and/or commenting.”