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Mission Statement

The High Star / Sun Eagle  International Foundation for Peace was founded to participate in the creation of a peaceful world by promoting and supporting:

1) The High Star / Sun Eagle International Sun Dance for Peace

2) Educational and ceremonial events and / or functions that support peace

3) Events that arise naturally out of the community of individuals who have united their efforts at the sun dance to work for peace

4) Any/all opportunities for individuals of all tribes, nationalities, races, religions, and beliefs to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience of peace.                                                                            

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12th Annual High Star - Sun Eagle International Sun Dance for Peace

July 15th - 22nd, 2017, Red Valley, Arizona

Purification days: July 15th - 18th          Tree Day: July 18th          The Dance: July 19th-22rd

Healing Round : Friday, July 21st

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